Since creation, communication, and technology have been intertwined, whether technological advancements with the early Neanderthals utilizing sign language, symbols, pictures, and objects to communicate. Or the evolution of the telegraph, radios, televisions, and now smartphones. Any way you look at it, there’s been a dependency on technology development to facilitate person-to-person communication. 

As technology advances, businesses will continue to find new ways to make the already easy task of communication just that much easier for their valued customers. From reading messages and emails on a tablet, to having a holographic conversation with an avatar, more companies are developing more intricate methods for their audiences to communicate. What’s more, technology seems to be exponentially accelerating in its growth rate, thus ensuring that these new gadgets will appear sooner rather than later. And as this happens, life will continue to get faster and easier with each passing day.

More Americans now get news from social media than from newspapers, s