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why do I need a website?
I’ve been asked this question before. Why do I need a website for my company? We have a Facebook page, isn’t that good enough? The let you down easy answer is maybe, the candid response would be no, not nearly enough. Don’t get me wrong a Facebook page is a powerful tool in your company’s digital marketing efforts, although in my opinion and the opinion of many other digital marketers it needs to be that a tool that aids your website.

A website is in many cases, the very first impression a potential customer has of your company. If this is the case, wouldn’t you want your potential customer to be impressed by what they see? While many companies do just fine with their Facebook page and basic website or no website at all, they are missing out on the opportunity to grow 4 times as fast, and become 2 times as profitable. Also often overlooked is the power of blogging on your company website, according to recent studies, companies with active blogs generated 67% more leads each month. Blogging is simple enough to do, and with the large percentage of additional leads, you can generate there’s not much of an argument not to. Another increasing factor in site ranking and traffic are well optimized and well-structured landing pages. Landing pages can be considered a contact page, home page, or other important pages that visitors might land on. Other types of landing pages are topic specific landing pages, which funnel users directly to call to actions. These pages are designed to increase conversion rates and according to recent studies companies with 40 or more landing pages have the ability to generate 10 times more leads. More on landing pages and conversions below.

Many times people will ask me about how to increase their site traffic and online sales through digital marketing techniques. The first question out of my mouth is “do you have a website?”. If the answer is no, my next suggestion is to sign up as a client with my firm to get their company’s website started. If this scenario is you, I highly suggest you contact me today. If you already have a website, that’s great. My next question would be, “is it a professional website?” A lot of times I’ll get asked by potential clients and friends, what is a professional website? why do I need a website that is professional? The answer to this is simple, a professional website declares what your company is and what your company does early, it displays your brand, it’s designed well for all devices, it’s aesthetic and functional, and most importantly it funnels visitors into potential clients and converted clients. Essentially your website needs to be a clean cut, adaptable, strong, informed salesman or sales woman.

This brings us to the main point of why you need a website. A website is the most important part of any inbound marketing campaign. Without a strong website, which is designed to convert visitors to clients you are essentially missing out on a marketing platform that can literally reach 100,000’s to millions in an instant. A strong funnel on your website, to drive users to convert is extremely important. Driving users to contact your company or purchase a product should you have an e-commerce website, is the ultimate goal. A well-structured website will have this goal in mind, and is why having a custom built site will get you all the results you desire. A web service such as Wix, simply cannot parallel this with each client. Incorporating multiple techniques into your website sales funnel is also extremely important. For example, if my company was hiring. We would build a landing page for each opening. with no navbar and no other content, other than about that specific opening. At the end of the information on the page would be an apply now button. This allows the visitor, in this case, a potential applicant, to have no distractions from the purpose of them landing on that page. This can be used for generating customer leads as well. You can build landing pages for new products, services, really any topic you want a visitor to focus on without distraction, and then convert.

A website should be the backbone of your business marking efforts. Without it you are missing out on an employee that works 24/7, 365 days a year, with no breaks. This employee mind you, can also handle multiple customer support issues, sales, and advertising all at once. So the next time you hear someone saying “why do I need a website?” makes sure you tell them, and send them our way.